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Dignan Porch (UK)

From Tooting, South West London, Dignan Porch started as the home recording project of Joe Walsh. After signing to Captured Tracks they put out the first single On a Ride, the ninety second psyche-pop mini anthem. The single was followed swiftly by the release of Joe’s home made LP Tendrils, also on Captured Tracks. These releases garnered acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Vice, Rough Trade and many more.

The now 5-piece Dignan have recently toured the UK with Times New Viking and gigged with the likes of Tickley Feather, The Intelligence, Lovvers, Lets Wrestle, Veronica Falls, Blank Dogs, Yuck, Smith Westerns and Ty Segall. Dignan Porch have been praised for their explosive live shows by The Fly and Drowned in Sound: ‘fuz...

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Another Nation's National Anthem

With two of the members having known each other since kindergarten and the forming of a three-piece band being made in their last years of elementary school, Stockholm based Another Nation's National Anthem were inevitably to become influenced by such phenomena as nostalgia, the reflexive observations of time's passing and changes of societal structures; the members' current occupation as students in the academy has certainly had an impact on their musical course.

But past times are not the band's primary occupation musically: the band has evolved from the usual drum, bass, two guitars alternative rock-formula to an expression leaning more towards contemporary influences, broadening the songwriting and incorporating more diver...

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