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Overworld is an alternative metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Though a young band formed as recently as 2012, the band's members are hardly new to the scene, solely consisting of musicians from now disbanded but previously well-known Swedish underground acts. Playing a brand of music self-titled as "adrenaline rock 'n' roll metal", the band is steadily gaining recognition for their explosive live shows, fresh take on the rock/metal genre(s) and the close relationship with their ever-expanding fanbase.

The band’s debut EP, “Perfect Anomaly”, was released digitally worldwide at May 25th 2012, instantly climbing to the top of iTunes Sweden and charting in at #12 in All Albums and #5 in Rock. This feat is made even more ...

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Fall of Emotions

The Stockholm based band Fall of Emotions plays melodic, symphonic metalcore with influences from classical music, prog and folk. Within heartfelt melodies, powerful strings and heavy, varied riffs in a balancing act between darkness and harmonics, a unique sound is created. The music is extended by the two singers who combines growling and clean vocals with great unity. Together, the sextet that is Fall of Emotions, forms a most advanced and innovative metal band. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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