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Max Peezay (UK)

Max Peezay, or Max Perkele (Tom Piha) from Fjärde Världen grime solo project. Has released three albums and is seen as the grime king of Sweden.

OAVSETT – 2005 singel
KVASIFILOSOF – 2005 singel
EMERGENCY – 2006 singel
BOVEN I DRAMAT – 2009 album
BOVEN I DRAMAT – 2009 singel
#1 feat Ears – 2009 singel
F.A.S 3 – 2012 singel
TELEFONKLOTTER – 2012 singel
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Flowdan (UK)

Flowdan (also spelled Flow Dan, real name Mark Viera) is an MC from East London. He is one of the founding and longest serving members of the Roll Deep crew, after joining from UK garage collective Pay As You Go, and is also a part of the collective Cemetary Warriors.

Flow Dan started as a jungle MC in the late nineties before starting Roll Deep with Wiley. While at Roll Deep he has featured on all the main singles and featured on all three major CD releases: Rules & Regulations, In At The Deep End which has sold 85,000 copies to date and Return of The Big Money Sound. His first chart success came from the appearance on the UK Top 20 smash FWD Riddim.

Flow Dan is probably best known for his collaboration with The Bu...

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