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Open Arms for Broken Hearts

Trummor och Orgel

In this age of rapid music consumption, everyone wants to label music, as well as the bands performing it. But how do you label a band whose music has been called ‘jazz’, but is not – ‘rock’n’roll’ and ‘sixties psychedelia’, yet is both and neither? Instrumental music, performed solely on drums and Hammond organ; melodic yet monotonous, sometimes smooth and melancholic, sometimes exploding and intensely groovy?

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The See See (UK)

London-based The See See are Richard Olson, Pete Greenwood, Kevin Peyok, Paulie Cobra, Phil Anderson and Ben Swank who originally hail from as far apart as Malmoe (SE), Detroit (US), Leeds (UK) and Auckland (NZ). With prior histories in bands like The Soledad Brothers, The Waxwings and The Eighteenth Day of May, together they set out for new adventures in rock and roll and psychedelia under the Ma Rainey-inspired moniker The See See.

After a debut single that sold out in under a week, a support tour with The Raconteurs and a reputation for lively, exuberant and occasionally chaotic live shows, The See See released their second (sold out) 7” single "Keep Your Head" in early 2009 and the third 7" single "Mary Soul" in Spring 201...

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The Early Days

The Early Days vas formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007 as a sunday living room jam-duo, but rapidly evolved into a six-piece rockband. In autumn 2008 they released a self-titled EP, recorded at Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm. The songs has circulated at radiostations in Australia, USA, UK, Germany and France since the release. Following the release they went touring with Black Lips, Crystal Stilts, The Drones and The Bats.

At the 2009 Shoegaze Weekender festival in Hamburg they met Mark Gardener of Ride, resulting in him mixing The Contraries EP (2010) and the debut self-titled album (2012), recorded in the excellent Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was invited by Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Li...

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Mazarine Street

Caviare Days

Call Her Kate