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ColdSpell comes from the land of the Ice and snow up in the north of Sweden in the iron ore miners town Kiruna. The band had Its beginning in 2005 and the songs have been waiting to come alive and see the light of the day with this 5 piece hard rockin band. The songs of ColdSpell is a mixture of everything we grew up with and the influences comes from the groove of the seventies to the choruses and melodies from the eighties and from the raw and naked touch from the nineties to the fantastic bands and productions of the new millennium. The members of ColdSpell has lots of years playin together and in other bands over the last decades but our main focus now is the hardrock that ColdSpell creates and delivers. Read more on . User-...

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Nubian Rose

Nubian Rose is a Melodic Hard Rock band formed in Sweden, with Sofia Lilja on vocal (coach vocal on swedish TV series "Idol"), Christer Åkerlund and Thomas Lindgren on Guitars, David Algesten on Drums, Henric Uhrbom on Bass and keyboard player Fredrik Åkerlund. their debut album "Mountain" released in April 2012 and they nominated themselves as a Melodic Hard Rock band with 80s influences. also Mats Léven collaborated as a guest vocal on "Close My Eyes Forever" an (Ozzy Osbourne & Litta cover). on the other side, Kee Marcello from (Swedish Europe) collaborated as a guest on “Living For Tomorrow's " solo. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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