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There are more than one artist with the name Gatekeeper.

1. Gatekeeper is an electronic duo hails from Chicago.

2. Gatekeeper aka Will Scott Cree is an experimental Dubstep producer/DJ who forms part of Bristol’s current crop of forward thinking electronic artists. His sound is deep, melodic and atmospheric, with a strong emphasis on originality and bass and drums that groove.
Gatekeeper had his first 12", titled “Tomb”, released on the now legendary Skull Disco label, which was co-written with producer/DJ Appleblim. Since then he has gone on to release a solo 12" for Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label, had a track featured on Soul Jazz compilation Steppas’ Delight ...

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D'eon (CA)

Formed in the early 90′s, d’Eon’s music is a product of two sides of a brain at war with each other, contradicting each other. Notes and rhythms and lyrics playing against each other, making each other obsolete, trying to make the others look bad. Femininity trying to outdo masculinity, acrimony trying to overtake sweetness.

Taking cues from such disparate influences as sound, rhythm, notes, and harmony, d’Eon makes music that is audible to most listener’s ears. In a rare, unprecedented hybrid, d’Eon not only puts musical notes together, but also places rhythms on top of the notes to create a thrilling combination of music and percussion. Another unique quality in his or her productions is the use of snares, claps, kicks and h...

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