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Fimbultyr, the band

Formed in October 2005 by Niclas Boman and Oskari Katainen, Fimbultyr started out without a name for the band and it contained only Niclas, Oskari and Jonas Arnberg on drums. The idea was to play some sort of melodic metal. They recruited Christofer Bergqvist on bass and vocals to fill those spots. After recruiting Christofer the name Fimbultyr was taken. Ideas were flowing and the songwriting was going good for the guys but they felt something was missing, something that would later turn out to be a big part of their music, namely a keyboard player.

To give the music that last majestic touch that they craved. Jasper Von de Verde was contacted and recruited to the band.

A few months we...

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Letters from the Colony

Letters From The Colony is a swedish death metal band formed in 2010.

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