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The Happy Hippo Family

Weloveto dance. Welovepop. Weloveto sing alongwitha bottle in our right hand. Those three things madeus start this band. Well, actually, this is not a band.
It is more of a musical collective. A group of close friends, where afriend bringsanotherfriend, and so on.
Few of us are skilledas musicians, fewer havegood command of aninstrument, but what is the point? Pop music isall about feelings.
We all have feelings. We feel whensomething is swinging, we feel when three simple words make agoodlineandwe feel when something totally sucks.
We use those feelings to express ourselves in a way that wewant to. The thought of pop music is a thoughtof happiness, and theonlyassignmentthisband will try to accomplish is to make pe...

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The Mudders

The Mudders is a simple band with a large sound. The Garage Pop-trio plays cocky, loud and dynamic pop with a punk energy heart. The Mudders consists of Erik Solfeldt (vocals & guitar), Anton Ljungh (bass & vocals) and Magnus Lundgren (drums). The music style is influenced by bands from the 90's indie-scene like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Honey Is Cool, but also by new bands like Blood Red Shoes and Fight Like Apes.

Last year the debut-EP “French People Never Lie” (28 april 2010) was played at underground radio stations around the world. In conjunction with the release followed a tour that went through Sweden, England and Ireland, where the band among other things appeared on Balcony TV.

The Mudders will release brand ne...

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