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MYRKVEDR is a viking metal band from Gothenburg which was founded in january 2010 by HAGAL, ASKEBLOSS and ROK.
The bands name comes from the old norse language and means "Dark Forest" which refers to the forest in the nordic mythology that acts as a border between Asgaard and Muspelheim.
The trio wrote their first material and began searching for a drummer and found GURKAN. Unfortunatly GURKAN had to leave because of personal reasons a few months later, so the band had a number of auditions until finally THURISAZ became their permanent drummer in May that same year.
In early 2011 HAGAL decided to stop playing the guitar to fully concentrate on singing so the band had an audition and Jakob Lund entered the band as guitaris...

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The Reehab

A Dead Tree Doesn't Talk

Introductory self-portrayal: ''We are the marvelous A Dead Tree Doesn't Talk from Gothenburg, Sweden. Hence the stupid name, we call ourselves "ADTDT" for short.

In an attempt to revive the hated metalcore scene, we feed the people with heavy music and a deadly show. A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk was created in 2010 as a Rammstein project, however developed rapidly into a own band. The name A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk came from the former singers mumbling one morning. The EP "Arcus" was released 30/9 2015 and set flavor and the name on the map. Now with a new singer and clean vocals thrown aside, there is a new mindset and a new hunger. Reviewers have compared ADTDT to acts like In Flames and Parkway Drive, which are all great inspira...

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Scream to Bermuda


Trikky Treat