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Last Seen Laughing (DK)

For a long time now Aarhus has been Denmarks Oi! capitol and Last Seen Laughing is another band in that tradition, which we are proud to belong to!

Last Seen Laughing is a 3 piece band, with members who all come from OI/Punk/Hardcore musical backgrounds. We've all played in various bands over the last approx. 20-30 years. We have played together about 2½ year and had our debut in our hometown of Aarhus, Denmark in Dec. 2008.

The Line-up is:

Steen - Bass, Chorus : Frontman, leadsinger & guitarist in legendary Danish punk band The Zero Point still goin' strong since 1979. Drummer in Hardcore outfit War of Destruction.

JP - Drums, Chorus : Drummer in Oi! band The Hoolies. Singer in Oi! Band The Ou...

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Prins Carl

The band started under the name "Buccaneers" in vasteras sweden in 2001. they are playing good old punk with a sing along feeling right from the start like bands such as: The Clash, Strawman or Red London. The singer soon droped out and the handsome guitar player took the mic. B:SSON play's the bass still and has been doin' it from the start. They just started up fresh after a big break with a new drummer named Thomas. And the last to join the band is Stefan on guitar.

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