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Göteborg Balkan Festival


Disciplin a Kitschme

Disciplin A Kitschme is a Serbian band, one of the two spin-offs of the seminal Yugoslav New Wave and later post-punk band Šarlo Akrobata.

Founded in early 80's by Dušan Kojić - Koja, band was named Disciplina Kičme and releases four studio albums. As war has started in former Yugoslavia, Koja moved to London and with Gofie Bebe as a singer and Pete "Beat" Warren on drums he reformed the band with an altered name - Disciplin A Kitschme. In 1996 the band released the album I Think I See Myself On CCTV featuring English versions of Disciplina Kičme songs, "Do Not" ("Nemoj"), "Oh Why" ("Zašto"), "Children Song" ("Dečija pesma") and "Is That Really All?" ("Zar je to sve").

In 1998 they released album Heavy Bass Blues w...

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