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Xanima is a dramatic and visual artrock act based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their music is a creative combination of progressive rock, electronica and symphonic sound design.
The story of the songs on their second album is describing the complex journey of a soul, that's been chosen to be the model for the whole human kind - a "Prototype: Homo Sapiens".


X ANIMA is dramatic, visual, soul enlightened music by Pelle Händén and Jade Ell.
Resting inside all of us is that inner voice of truth and serenity. The aim is to follow this as much as possible - one of us sitting in Stockholm - the ot...

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After more than ten years together in the band Mercury Fang, an urge to develop and explore new musical territories made the band members search for a new vocalist to start a new chapter.

After trying out a couple of great male singers, female singer/composer Maria Rådsten (One More Time) entered the studio and made an audition that showed her extreme vocal abilities that stretched from subtle and beautiful all the way to the most powerful imaginable.

The new born band immediately started to write material for an album and after only 2 months, Misth performed six brand new songs at their premiere gig in Stockholm, Sweden.

With the immediate success that showed the new band´s ability as a live act, inspira...

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