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Infanticide is a grindcore band based in Gävle, Sweden.
Infanticide was started by Simon, Kristoffer, and Johan in 2002. In 2004 they released their first 7” inch called "Lunacy" on Yellow Dog Records. Shortly after, they recruited the bassplayer Olle, who stayed in the band for a few years before he decided to quit. The band has released one full length album "Extinction Scheme" on Emetic records, and another 7” inch Ep "Sonic Punishment" on 625 Thrash. Infanticide has never been that much of a liveband, though they have played a few shows in Germany, Czech republic, and Sweden. Willowtip records will release the new CD "From Our Cold, Dead Hands" feb 9, 2010.

1.Ultra violence Propaganda demo - CD-R<...

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