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Division Speed (DE)

Division Speed is a German speed metal/thrash metal band formed in Neustadt an der Orla, Thuringia in 2008.


Division Speed - Demo, 2009
Antichrist Warfare /w Witching Hour - Split, 2009
Promo 2010 - Demo, 2010
Speed Injection - Compilation, 2011
Wild Thrash Brigade - Split, 2011
Blazing Heat - Single, 2015
Division Speed - Full-length, 2015

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Attic (DE)

1. Attic is a German heavy-metal band, mainly influenced by Mercyful Fate and King Diamond, founded in 2010 in Gelsenkirchen/Lünen. They released their first album, "The Invocation", in 2012.

2. Attic consists of Nicolas (Drums), Jency (Bass), Simon (Guitar) and Yuri (Vocals). While they were all 14 years old, they competed in the Belgian preselections for the 2006 Junior Eurosong Contest.

3. There is also a band called Attic that made 2 releases in Brain Boosters Records and participated in the "South Specific" compilation LP from 1980 along with acts as Renaldo & The Loaf.

4. A Blackened Progressive Death Metal band from Grants Pass, Oregan - U.S.A.


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Several artists are named Antichrist.

1) Swedish Thrash Metal band formed in 2005. Releases:
"Crushing Metal Tape" (2009) - demo
"Put to Death" (2010) - demo
"Forbidden World" (2011) - full-length
"Burned Beyond Recognition" (2013) - single

2) The first German Antichrist was founded 1983 by Frank and G.Fitting, they played Black Metal. Two demo tapes resulted from then: ''Slaughter in Hell (1983)'' and ''Horror Awakes (1986). In 2003 the "666 Demo 2003" demo was released and the band played some live shows, the band is currently in the making of new material in the Melodic Black/Death genre.

3) An electronic mus...

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