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Hello Gorgeous

Future Idiots

It all started in the spring of 2005 when Alex came up with some plans on re-taking the third year on his upper secondary school studies. He wanted to do this just to get in the same class as Mike and Kennie so that they could start a band. After lots of conversations with headmasters and teachers and a whole lot of lies saying that Alex's grades would be so much better he was finally approved to re-take the final year.
Things got serious during the summer break when they got a place to rehearse and the first songs started to shape up. It was early decided that the band should not have front man and hence both Mike and Alex are lead singers. In the beginning Alex was not to keen on singing since he considered himself incapable of do...

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The Royal Recalls (US)


Vengha is a Swedish music constellation, born in July 2012. It was decided in an early state to keep the music organic and alive. Angry, easy listening with one hell of a groove would make a fitting slogan for the band.

Things were going fast with Vengha. The first year as a band was a success since Vengha performed at the House of Metal festival with bands such as Entombed, Mayhem, Amorphis among others.
After winning the Swedish Wacken Metal Battle, Vengha represented Sweden at Wacken Open Air in Germany. Vengha did also played at Sabaton Open Air, Heidi Hey Tattoo Party in Lisebergshallen (Gothenburg) and did a sold out show in their hometown Falköping in the same year.

The band was after this journey force...

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Colour Duzt