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Gothenburg Deathfest 2013

Mortal Torment (GR)

The band began spreading sickness and putrid tunes back in 2005 through the release of its first demo "Infernal Odium Schizophrenia". Line up changes were more than frequent til the second official strike which was nothing more that the re-release of the demo in a 4 way split with SUFFERATORY (russia), DEMISE (Philippines) and Mark Riddick's UNBURIED (USA), through Coyote Records.

The bastards gained experience by sharing the stage with acts such as Aborted, Severe Torture, Obscura, Belphegor, Dark Fortress among others, thus the recordings of the debut album started taking place in Grindhouse Studios Athens. Produced by George Bokos of the mighty Rotting Christ, the songs gained a massive sound and the album under the title "...

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Goreinhaled (ES)

Goreinhaled is a brutal death metal band from Spain which was formed at the end of 2002 in Majorca. It started by being a project of friends who wanted to play brutal death. The band separated, and the only remaining members were drummer Mauro and guitarist AlbisIn March of 2003, the band composed new songs for their first demo Carnivorous Chainsaw, in which they were joined by bassist El Chino.
In July of 2004, Goreinhaled recorded their first album called Fetus in Fetu, at the RSD studiosa. In August, they signed on to Brutalized Records, and released Fetus in Fetu in October. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Craniotomy (SK)

Craniotomy is a Brutal death band, from Hlohovec, Slovakia.

The band Craniotomy was formed in 1998 by R. Halmo - guitar and L.Šiška - drums. A bit later, R.Váry / PYGO – vocals, joins the band. With this lineup, the band plays a few concerts and the 2nd guitar player P. Ondriš joins the band. In the summer of 2000 Craniotomy goes to studio to record their first demo containing 5 tracks, called ...and from flesh to bone, which was later released as MC by Acne Prod. After this, guitarist Palo leaves the band and is replaced by P. Szemeneyi and bass player D.Hanák / Shampoon joins the band. In the summer of 2001, the band records their second demo with 8 tracks in studio Exponent / Šulekovo /. A year later, in studio Moonset / Š...

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Nordor (GR)

Abnormal Inhumane (GR)