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The No Truster

Random Sound

For the last couple of years, the Swedish band Random Sound has been developed into a group of recognized musicians. This proved with their latest promotion record “First Round”, which hopefully will bring the music beyond the Swedish borders. The record contains a modern beat pop/rock with a soulful, deep pulse of where the root of the bands recognition has grown to be their sound.

The songwriter, Anton Sandström, search for influences in all kind of genres and styles, eager to find new ways to express the songs with different sounds and interpretation of music. In the creation of their music, Victor’s drum playing brings a creative and distinct attitude. Erik Lindqvist gives a mixture of tough and caressing sounds from his s...

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Centre of Gravity

Heaviness to satisfy everyone's inner mosher, melodies to swoon the less metal-inclined, the odd head-scratching-moment. That is Sweden's Centre of Gravity. Anders' classic "Umeå sound" polyrhythms form the backbone for the band's riffage. Vocalist Mads lends his lungs to the project in classic hard rock style, Arvid and Jonte bring teh shredz while David keeps things massive with his tight bass playing.

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