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Norbergfestival 2013

Venetian Snares (CA) + Grouper (US) + Varg + Current Value (DE) + Prurient (US) + The Haxan Cloak (UK) + Thomas Köner (DE) + Ceephax Acid Crew (UK) + Otto Von Schirach (US) + Inade (DE) + Lee Gamble + Special Request + Rrose (US) + Mark Fell (UK) + Cut Hands (UK) + Eod + Trepaneringsritualen + Stellar Om Source (FR) + Puce Mary (DK) + Diamond Version (DE) + Hybris + Femme En Fourrure (FI) + Differnet + Oyaarss (LV) + Selffish (LV) + Skudge + Dead Fader + Magnus Johansson + Sherwood & Pinch + Peter Benisch + The Doubtful Guest + Mary Velo (CA) + I/dex (BY) + Ättestupa + Origami Galaktika + Nikka (ES) + Mark Archer (US) + Weltwirtschaft + Daniel Araya + S100 + Lodbrok + Lettera 22 + Dror Feiler (IL) + Tarek Atoui (LB) + Towlie + Manx + Mattias Petersson + Niamh De Barra (IE) + Julien Bayle + Marcus Wrangö + Lise-Lotte Norelius + Piak + JSH + Lars Åkerlund + Pär Johansson + Mattias Sköld + Girilal Baars + Karin Hellqvist + Hästköttskandalen + Jan Liljekvist + Goretech + Anna Petrini + David Granström + Lower Order Ethics (HU) + Sören Runolf + Lana Lain + Finn of Tomland + Knyst + Ris och Ros + Per Åhlund + Dr One (UK) + Annojohanna + Klapmotifonstativ + Ndrf + Navnlaust Mønster Opptog + Helene Hedsund + Comb|netor + Daniel Borgegård Älgå + Ekrosjävlarna + Halldór Úlfarsson + Louise Magnuson + Tommy Wahlström


Gamla Banan 6
738 21 Norberg

Venetian Snares (CA)

Aaron Funk, a Canadian producer of widely varying electronic music styles, achieved a reputation in experimental electronic circles upon his signing to Planet Mu (label run by Mike Paradinas, aka µ-Ziq). It's a testament to his production prowess that his base of Winnipeg, Manitoba, hasn't prevented electronic music enthusiasts around the world from investigating his recordings.

Often abbreviated to "Vsnares" – Funk's distinctive style reflects unconventional time signatures and extremely rapid and erratic rhythms. Unpredictable and stimulating, the effect is intense.

Funk's first release was "Greg Hates Car Culture", an EP for the History Of The Future Label, followed by "Salt" for Zhark and "Fuck Canada // Fuck Am...

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Grouper (US)

Grouper is the solo project of ambient musician Liz Harris, from Portland, Oregon, United States. Harris' music is a mixture of softly-strummed guitar, Wurlitzer keys, and her delicate, dreamy vocals.

Harris' first album was 2005’s Grouper, a self-released full-length CD-R, followed later that year by Way Their Crept on Free Porcupine (re-released in 2007 on Type Records). Other recordings include 2006's He Knows, released as a 3" CD, the 12" Weird Forest release Wide in 2007, and a 7" called Tried.

She released a collaboration album with Xiu Xiu in 2006, entitled Creepshow, as well as contributing a remix of "Tonite & Today" to 2007's Remixed & Covered compilation.

Harris released her third full-length a...

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Current Value (DE)

Berlin's Tim Eliot represents the top percentile of European drum & bass producers. With substantial training in classical piano, he began dabbling in electronic music in 1992. Several years later he began receiving recognition on local Berlin radio stations and a series of irrefutably classic 12"s ensued. Seminal works on Don Q and Position Chrome catapulted Current Value into a literal phase of underground superstardom. Shortly thereafter, he also began playing live in his hometown and subsequently in other places in Europe and in the USA. The early Position Chrome releases like 'Creative Robot', 'Skybreaker', and 'Bass Riot' were very well received, particularly in North America. The decidedly dark and often dissonant sound of the tec...

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Prurient (US)

Prurient is noise musician Dominick Fernow. He has released material on numerous independent record labels, such as American Tapes, Hanson Records, RRRecords, Load Records, Troubleman Unlimited, Chrondritic Sound, and his own label Hospital Productions. Active since 1997, Prurient has become one of the most well-known and influential names in the noise field, having been covered in major outlets such as Pitchfork Media and The Village Voice.

Fernow works primarily with a microphone and amplifier, and sometimes drums. On some releases he has been joined by Ben Barnett, Richard Dunn (FFH), John Wiese, Jeff Plummer (Immaculate:Grotesque, Shallow Waters), Kris Lapke (Alberich, MCMS), Sickness, Wolf Eyes, Macronympha, Philip Best ...

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