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Noise of Error

Seven Thorns (DK)

Seven Thorns (formely known as 7thorns) is a Danish power metal band started by drummer Lars Borup in the late 1990’s. They debuted with the single called Artificial Night in 2005. The band had by now adobted the name 7thorns.

They released their debut album called Glow of Dawn in 2007. The album was not acclaimed for its innovation, but most reviewers thought it to be a good album with a bunch of quality songs.

Things were however made difficult for the band, when problems inside the group lead to a split soon after the release of the debut. The issues led to a trial over the right to continue using the band name 7thorns. The result was that Borup build a new line-up, while taking the old name Seven Thorns back. Am...

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