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Club Niubi

Chui Wan (CN)

Chui Wan is formed by frontman Yan Yulong and female bass player Wu Qiong in 2010. Later on guitar player Liu Xinyu and drummer Vincent joined in. But Vincent had to return to his home country in September and in came Josh as his replacement. The first gigs took place in D-22. Yan Yulong and Liu Xinyu also have other joint projects beside Chui Wan. The name Chui Wan 吹万 was taken from classical work 《齐物论》 by philosopher Zhuangzi 庄子.

On August 26th, 2010, Chui Wan, Acoelomate Goat, and Birdstriking performed at the D-22. According to Pangbianr: Chui Wan’s set began with a fairly alienating vibe — the discordant, eerie opening song was reflected in a physical detachment between each member of the band. Though they were all jammin...

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