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Aslan (US)

There are several artists and bands with the name 'Aslan':
1. a rock band from Ireland.
2. a progressive British folk band from England.
3. the first incarnation of the band Psychotic Waltz.
4. the Kurdish singer Hozan Aslan (means 'Singer Aslan').
5. the Kurdish artist Mikail Aslan.
6. the Kurdish musician Ahmet Aslan.

1) The first is Aslan, is a a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in the mid-late 80's. The band features Christy Dignam (Vocals), Joe Jewel (Guitar), Tony McGuinness (Bass), Billy McGuinness (Harmonica, Keyboards, Percussion, Guitar) and Alan Downey (drums). Over the course of their career Aslan have played many different styles of music, ranging from pop, acoustic roc...

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