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KROG is a Stockholm based band whose members have a background in the music industry from various constellations. KROG was founded as an artistic project and as a tribute to the music and the joy of creating. Although the project is relatively new, one can still catch glimpses of an idea reaching far beyond the existence of the band.
KROG uses orchestral instruments blended together with modern pop to convey sagas about the search after a purpose in life. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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The Jamhouse Riot

The Jamhouse Riot was born in the suburbs of Stockholm during the spring in 2011. Garagerock with strong influences from the 70's could be the obvious label on their rough childish rock but there's much more to it. Psychedelic breakdowns, melodies with a touch of indie and a pinch of metal makes the music much more complex and various. Everyone have dreams and the young adults of The Jamhouse Riot's only dream is to live of the music and experience the exciting life of being rockstars. They believe that the greatest thrill is within writing music, but also living wild without repeating the every day normal life. A boring and ordinary way of living without music and adventure is their greatest fear. Read more on . User-contribute...

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