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Mames Babegenush (DK)

Mames Babegenush have existed for 5 years and are ready with their debutalbum, Klezmer Killed the Radiostar. The music is both manic and oozes melancholy, travelling from out of control sirbas to the saddest of waltzes. ‘Mames Babegenush’ is Yiddish meaning ‘Moms Eggplant Salad’.

The band started out playing primarily at jewish parties such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and Hanukkah. Early on Mames Babegenush invented the concept of “klezmerattacks”; spontaneous surprise-concerts for unsuspecting people, ie. outdoors at a public places, inside cafés, bars or parties. Unexpected klezmer music has a very different and profoundly strong impact on its surroundings, and these klezmerattacks are today highly regarded wherever they take ...

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