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Valby Vokalgruppe (DK)

valby vokalgruppe is a small choir from Denmark. The choir was formed as an experiment into what it is possible to do with the voice and with voices together. The compositions are made partly from improvisations and partly by the leader of the choir Anja Jacobsen, and are based on sounds, rythmical patterns and very close harmonics. They have arisen mainly from a fascination with congolese pygme singing, but inspirations from composers such as György Ligeti, Morton Feldman and Steve Reich can be heard. The choir always performs off stage, establishing a strong field of concentration between the choir members, which often makes the live performances resemble some kind of a ritual more than a concert. Read m...

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James Brewster (UK)

James Brewster is an English musician, producer and sound-explorer currently living in Malmö, Sweden. His interests include field recordings, ultra-melodic song-structures, dense digital processing, cryptically evocative lyrics, improvisation, noise, intricate rhythm patterns, spoken-word, sound design, and spontaneous collaboration. Full biog at: Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Sofia Härdig

Hard, unpredictable and beautiful!

Sofia Härdig has many times been called electronica queen. Her music has imaginary been described as avantrockimpro and electrotwistpunk, herself she calles her music electronica with roots in rock and noise. But her music subjects to no pre-label. Sofia has created a unique space in Swedish music. She conjures up her own musical landscapes, she goes where no one else has been before. Her working method is break apart and reassemble the fragments into a larger whole, something that is both more beautiful and dangerous. It is an approach that requires a combination of courage and great talent. Her artistic integrity and character makes her hard to place, Sofia music requires the listen...

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