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Geigers Aprilfest

Lasse Marhaug

Lasse Marhaug is a Norwegian noise musician that records under his own name as well as with a ton of other groups (Jazzkammer, The Sleazy Listeners, The Territory Band, The Skull Defekts, Climax of Copenhagen just to name a few). His experimental/noise is catalogued extensively through hundreds of recordings and several mp3 internet archives.

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Judy Dunaway (US)


KOEFF is Johanna Rosenqvist (b 1971), currently living and working at home in KLAUSTROSTUDIO, Malmö, Sweden.

There she is making a great deal of noise by vacuum cleaning, food mixing or sometimes standing screaming by her old KORG synthesisers – always seriously amplified and heavily leaden with delay and distortion provided by her handy little colourful guitar effect boxes.
KOEFF came to light as a solo project while Johanna was also involved with the hard core disco industrial, power electronics duo INSTITUT (now a solo project by Lirim Cajani). Musicwise she is proud to be an autodidact, educated only on the city streets of Malmö or in the crowded smalltown communal music studios of Mjölby and Norrköping.


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