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Harm's Way (US)

Harm's Way are an absolute force of a band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2006. They made a name for themselves with masterful releases on the Organized Crime and Closed Casket Activities labels. With their punishing "Isolation" album (Closed Casket, 2011), Harm's Way brutally melded a metal attack, hardcore aggression, and industrial repetition into a new kind of sound. Creating a balance of intensity and originality rare in today's world of music. They released their latest EP, Blinded, in 2013 through Deathwish Inc.

Imprisoned 7" (Organized Crime Records) - 2007
Harm's Way 7" (Organized Crime Records) - 2008
Reality Approaches LP (Organized Crime Records) - 2008
No Gods, No Masters E...

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Twitching Tongues (US)

Depression, anxiety, rage, desperation - all such things that come to mind when Twitching Tongues first hits a new listener. The band melds together different forms of aggressive music into an audio melancholy not heard before. The band's 2012 single, "Preacher Man", can grip and twist the listener into an emotional confusion, creating a depressive rage that may end in a bloodbath. Other dark cuts such as "Feed Your Disease" and 2011's "Sleep Therapy" are built to incite international mosh pits and for others to wallow along. The band is gearing up to release their sophomore book of hymns in the Summer of 2013 through Closed Casket Activities. The world has been warned.

Demo - 2010
Sleep Therapy - 2011...

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I Exist (AU)

I Exist are an Australian sludge metal/stoner metal/doom metal band from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. The band's current line-up consists of vocalist Jake "Wallaby" Willoughby, drummer Simon Murphy (also of Life and Limb), bassist/vocalist Alex Young and guitarists Aaron Osbourne (formerly of Outright), Josh Nixon (formerly of Pod People) and Sam Provost (also of Vera). They are renown for their eccentric and energetic live shows, as well as extensive touring both nationally and internationally with bands such as Fucked Up, Kylesa, Twitching Tongues, Eyehategod, Break Even, Every Time I Die and Harm's Way.

The band formed in 2009; originally featuring Willoughby on vocals, Osbourne on lead guitar, Provost on bass an...

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On the Edge of Forever

Filip Lindbladh - Vocals.
Anton Andersson - Drums.
Dennis Eriksson - Guitar.
Philip Henning - Guitar.
Tobias Mattsson - Bass.

Metal/Hardcore band från Örebro!
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