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The Warfare of EkoBrottsMyndigheten is the result of the combined arms of the EBM-projects "PNZRMNSCH" and "PROTOTYP". Pontus from "PNZRMNSCH" and Martin from "PROTOTYP" decided to bring aggression, energy, alcohol, humour and adrenaline back to the EBM-scene in 2005 after a night of serious beer-drinking and playing around with sounds in the PNZRMNSCH- studio.

The original plan was to release oldschool-body-hits with lyrics in any language or combine several languages in the texts. The Philosophy was to not force themselves to create anything, but instead do whatever they wanted and whatever came natural. No Rules, no commitments, just pure hard electronic fun! The songs were spread over the internet and got great response, ...

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There are currently two artists known as Parzival:

1) Parzival. German 1970's band from Bremen, mixing pop, avant-garde, classical and medieval musics.
Originating in 1965 as The Chamberlains (with singer/guitarist Lothar Siems and drummer Thomas Olivier), in 1967 they joined up with multi-instrumental talent Walter Quintus, and went on to tour France under the guise of Siems/Quintus/Olivier. Quintus was an accomplished classically trained musician, a sound explorer who had tried his hand at many things. In 1969, after graduating musical studies at the Beazzic Conservatory they re-baptised the band Parzival, after the folklore legend.

2) Parzival. Founded in 1999, Pazival is a Russian electro-industrial group ...

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