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Big Time

Perfect Crime

There are at least four bands named Perfect Crime.

1) A Norwegian rock band from Trondheim (1987-90's)
2) A Norwegian rock band from Sandnes (2006/2007-2008?)
3) A Russian band (more info needed)

Blonde On Blonde later renamed Perfect Crime is a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim who existed from 1987 to the early 90s. Blonde On Blonde had the following members: Bente Småvik (vocals, former Four Jets), Chris Candy (named Kristin Renanger - now Sjöberg, vocals), Jimmy Iversen (guitar, Road), Roger Gilton (keyboards, ex Chris Candy ), Steinar Eikum (bass, ex TNT) and last but certainly not least, drummer Willy Bendiksen with a past in bands like Fall, Road and St. Helena. Chris Candy had her own b...

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