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Svart Städhjälp

Locals Only

2001 - 2010

When Nonscore and Skaramush broke up in 2001 some members of these former punkrockbands joined forces in a new and fresh band called Locals Only. Inspired by their favorite activities, surfing, travelling, and listening to punkrock, they created their own sound and were good to go on stage.

After many cool shows with various other bands, which helped the band to grow a lot, Locals Only was ready to record a cd. The Californian label 'Sindependent Records' showed interest in LO and so a deal was made.

In the spring of 2005 their drummer Kling had to leave the band during hearingproblems. Still he was able to record the drums on Locals Only's first full lenght album 'Localism' consisting of 12 s...

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