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Morbid Saint (US)

Morbid Saint is a Thrash metal band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Formed in 1986 and split up in 1994, they reformed in 2009.

Current Line Up:

* Patrick Lind - vocals
* Jay Visser - guitar
* Jim Fergades - guitar
* Gary Beimel - bass
* Lee Reynolds - drums

Former members:

* Mike Chappa - bass, vocals (left the band before Spectrum of Death was recorded)
* Bob Sinjakovic - vocals (was replaced by Pat Lind before Spectrum of Death was recorded)
* Tony Paletti - bass (played on Spectrum of Death recording)

Morbid Saint released the Lock Up Your Children demo in 1988, the album re-issued in 1989 by Avenzada Meta...

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