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Climates (UK)

Hailing from Lincoln, UK comes the melodic hardcore quintet that is Climates, breaking up in 2014, 4/5 of the band's final members went onto form Blood Youth, with lead vocalist Wesley Thompson joining Napoleon, additionally founding guitarists Fil Thope Evans and Sam Bowden are now members Neck Deep

The band formed in 2001 and had a huge number of tours and shows with bands such as Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Architects and While She Sleepsp to name a few.

Final line-up
Wesley Thompson - lead vocals (2011-2014)
Sam Bowden - guitar (2011-2014)
Max Dawson - guitar (2013-2014) bass (2013)
Chris Pritchard - bass (2013; 2014)
Matt Powels - drums (2012-2014)

Past members

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