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The Sensitives


Like most bands Skumdum’s line-up of musicians evolved over time before finding the talent, dedication, and chemistry needed to succeed. Pierre Petterson and Chris Tjarnlund first got together in 1993 when they were just 15 years old and formed a punkrock band, which they named Skumdum. In 1996, after several line-up changes and a lot of rehearsing, they were contacted by Birdnest Records who wanted to sign them on their label. Birdnest Records released “Lisa” in April of that year. In 1997, after a tour of Sweden, their debut album, “Demoner,” was released. The band was off to a good start.

The band continued touring and writing songs for the next two years. But in 1998 change shook the band. First, their drummer decid...

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Chainwreck is a metal band from Falun, Sweden. They recorded their self-titled debut album in Studio Abyss 2005, and they released it in May 2006.

Band Members:
Sonny Jonasson - Vocals,
Mathias Henrysson - Guitar,
Björn Tauman - Bass,
Emil Lantz - Drums.

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