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Anima Mundi (CU)

There are at least 3 artist of the same name:

1st: progressive rock band:

Hailing from Cuba, ANIMA MUNDI have always combined prog sounds with other music genres and used instruments that are uncommon for rock. Echoes of Celtic, Cuban, New Age, Symphonic Rock music can be clearly distinguished.

"Septentrion" is undoubtedly the best Symphonic Progressive Rock album from Cuba! There are also nice intermixes of Celtic influences within the overall structure which add a wonderful sense of ambience. There are 12 tracks (5 instrumental) and one can get lost in the overall multi-layering of the music. In 2008 the band released the follow-up called Jagannath Orbit.

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Pymlico (NO)

Pymlico is Arild Brøter’s solo project where he writes and produces instrumental music. He is very inspired by a lot of progressive acts, both old and new, but also some very different generes like film music, fusion, world music, ambient music and good pop music.

The first album “Inspirations” was released in the spring of 2011. With the help from 11 friends Arild produced an album full of different styles of instrumental music. Ranging from symphonic melodies to dark passages and from circus music to ambient themes.

The second album “Directions” was released in Desember 2012. This time a smaller group of musicians participated in the production. This album shows a darked and more moody side of Pymlico with a more ...

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After more than ten years together in the band Mercury Fang, an urge to develop and explore new musical territories made the band members search for a new vocalist to start a new chapter.

After trying out a couple of great male singers, female singer/composer Maria Rådsten (One More Time) entered the studio and made an audition that showed her extreme vocal abilities that stretched from subtle and beautiful all the way to the most powerful imaginable.

The new born band immediately started to write material for an album and after only 2 months, Misth performed six brand new songs at their premiere gig in Stockholm, Sweden.

With the immediate success that showed the new band´s ability as a live act, inspira...

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