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Chainwreck is a metal band from Falun, Sweden. They recorded their self-titled debut album in Studio Abyss 2005, and they released it in May 2006.

Band Members:
Sonny Jonasson - Vocals,
Mathias Henrysson - Guitar,
Björn Tauman - Bass,
Emil Lantz - Drums.

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Scharbock (DE)

Twins Crew

Twins Crew was founded 2007 by the Twins Dennis and David Janglöv after they graduated with honors from the World famous GIT ( Gutiar institute of Technoligy) in Hollywood, USA.

The band started with 5 people in the line up. Andreas Larsson on vocals, Fredrik Hammar on bass, Uno Eriksson on drums and Dennis and David Janglöv on guitar. Twins Crew consist of 6 members today, Nicko Dimarino joined the band on keyboard in 2013.

The goal was to start a band which would have all the classic Heavy Metal elements from band such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Stratovarious and show the true face of the Heavy/ Power Metal genre.

Two EPs was recorded during 2008 ( Twins Crew) to 2009 ( Twin demon) but it ...

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