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Asfalt is the name of more than one artist:
1) Swedish band
2) Norwegian band

1) Industrial band from Sweden, active 1986-1991 and since 2006. In September 2008 they released the 2 disc collection Worst Case Scenario.

2) Asfalt was a rock band from Stavanger started in 1980 by keyboardist and songwriter Tor Salomonsen. With lyrics in dialect, the band was together with, among others Stavanger ensemble and Mods part of Stavangerbølgen wave of Norwegian rock in the early 80s.

The band released two albums on the label in May before the record company went bankrupt in 1983. At the same time joined vocalist Magne Høyland and was replaced by Mia Gundersen. With new s...

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Blancmange (UK)

Blancmange was formed in Harrow in Greater London by vocalist Neil Arthur (born on 15 August 1958, in Darwen, Lancashire) and instrumentalist Stephen Luscombe (born on 29 October 1954, in Hillingdon, Middlesex). After the 1979 creation of the new wave group, named for the popular sugary dessert, they released their first EP, titled "Irene & Mavis", the following year. Blancmange had their first real notable exposure via a track on the seminal 'Some Bizarre' compilation album, alongside fellow synthpop acts "Soft Cell" and "Depeche Mode".

This led to them signing a deal with London Records. Blancmange supported Nash the Slash on a London club tour in October and November 1980. Nash introduced the band to the Virgin subsidiary r...

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Blipblop is a Swedish synth-pop duo. They made their 12`` album recording around 1984-1987. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Das Ich (DE)

After many musical experiments, Stefan Ackermann (voices and lyrics) and Bruno Kramm (instruments, music) decided to form Das Ich in 1989.

* In 1989, the band released the demo CD "Satanische Verse" and after another year their debut album "Die Propheten" on Bruno Kramm's own label, Danse Macabre.

Das Ich skillfully mixed electronic, symphonic and early industrial elements into an explosive cocktail unprecedented in the often cliche ridden German music culture. Das Ich established itself with a fixed position in the scene and became the very epitome of experimental and electronic music.

They are celebrated as the starting spark of a new genre of post wave, post Kraftwerk, post Neubauten era, and success...

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Leæther Strip (BE)

Leæther Strip is a ebm project from Denmark founded on January 13, 1988 by Claus Larsen (Klutæ), whose influence has been most felt in the electronic body music (EBM), elektro industrial music, and futurepop music genres. It was one of the earliest and most prominent acts on Germany's now defunct Zoth Ommog record label, and has also released music on the American Cleopatra Records and Metropolis Records labels, as well as Germany's Bloodline Records. Leæther Strip is currently signed with the Alfa Matrix label.

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