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Oracle is the name of several artists including a well-respected progressive/power metal band formed in the 1980's and Indonesian well-respected thrash metal band..

1.) '''Oracle''' was notable as a collaborative musical venture between Minimal Compact's Malka Spigel & Samy Birnbach and Wire's Colin Newman. The project spanned the years 1988-1993 and mostly took place in Brussels. Ony one album '''Tree''' was released retrospectively (in 1994) on Colin & Malka's Swim ~ label. The majority of the work remains unreleased.

There was another Florida band called Oracle who managed to release one album in the early nineties, solidly rooted in 80's American power metal in mold of Liege Lord or early Queensryche. Hardly a ...

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Antonia Vai

Joachim Dahlbergs Vindkraft

Joachim Dahlbergs Vindkraft is a Stockholm based band. It has rapidly grown from a one-man band, via a clarinet-driven duo, to five musicians in a more traditional setting. A curiosity permeates - constant motion and the desire to test boundaries creates a dynamic that constantly renews the band, but always with a link back to the constant; the songs. Swedish lyrics about everything from depressed garden gnomes to metaphorical themes about the sea and harbor, sung angrily alternately restrained over just as often driven as thoughtful and staggered arrangement. It tends to move towards the cinematic and is clearly inspired by both folk and rock, but also gladly borrows from Swedish progg tradition and jazz. Read more on . User-co...

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