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There are three bands using the name Cydonia - one psytrance, one an Italian power metal band, and the other a French dark ambient project

1. Cydonia is an Italian power metal band with progressive and
electronic elements. Sometimes it even mixes some nu metal features to this musical melting pot. Cydonia came into being around mid 1998, when Steven Horan suggested teaming up with Martin Harley to form a band.

2. Cydonia is also a famous trance band, featuring Dino Psaras

3. Cydonia is a new Dark Ambient project from Barbarossa Umtrunk (Guetteur de Lune = Baron Von S). Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Cre...

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Blue Orange


The Sciples

Another Day

More than one band share this name:

1. A hardcore band from Varna, Bulgaria. Another Day have an album titled "Who's To Blame" from 2001, as well as many appearances in various compilations. The second album is expected to be released some time in 2007. Check 'em out at:

2. Another Day was a New Wave-Synthpop band formed by David Ponak at the University Of Connecticut in 1983. Relocating to Boston in 1985, Ponak assembled a new Another Day lineup consisting of himself (keyboards, programming, vocals), John Richard (Rik) Rolski (guitar)(formerly from Figures on a Beach) and Sarah Long (vocals). They released the five track 12" EP "Uh-Oh" in 1986.

Site: http:/...

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Someone's in the Wolf