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The Drunken Few


Subwaste was formed in the Örebro area (Sweden) a while back by four friends that wanted to play some good 'ol punk rock. Influenced by classic '77 punk rock as well as more modern sounds the band are keeping the sound just as simple and hard-hitting as it was meant to be. The debut release "Straight Out of the Underground" was released in may 2007 by Randyarchy Media. After the release and several shows in Sweden and Germany the band is now getting ready to record new songs for an upcoming split CD with Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots. The split is to be released by the new american label Warbird Entertainment and will contain six songs from each band.

"Straight Out of the Undergound" was recorded at Garageland Studios in Strän...

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Radio Dead Ones (GE)


Beverly Crime – Vocals
Rik Oldman – Guitar, Vocals
Ändru Bourbon – Bass
Sonny – Guitar
TV Moerk – Drums, Vocals

Radio Dead Ones started in Berlin, Germany in 2003 when the four friends decided the punk rock scene needed a kickstart. From early on, they started playing in Berlin and surrounding cities and they soon gained a reputation for being an outrageous live band, blowing audiences away wherever they played.
Soon people were asking for recordings of the band and they went into their own RDO Drinking Room studios to start blasting out some songs. The results were three 7” singles which were quick to sell out: Out Of Tune which was released on their own Guitar Mafia Mu...

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