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Slow Loris (IE)

There are at least four bands called Slow Loris.

1.) Slow Loris is the musical project of Delaware native Wesley Doyle. SL moved to Madison, WI from the East Coast in the fall of 2009. Wes's musical style might generally be described as lo-fi rock. He released an EP entitled Dream Vacation in 2010, followed by his first full-length solo album, Extra Colors the same year. In 2011, he released Routine Glow. In 2014, he released the Pictures of Everything EP.

2.) Slow Loris are an instrumental rock band from Toronto, consisting of Daryl Smith (guitar, engineering), Dave Walsh (bass), and three members of Guh: Jason Clarke (guitar), Brian Cram (trumpet and keyboards) and Blake Howard (drums). Because of Lounge element...

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