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Larz Kristerz


Correct naming for the German Schlager group is Die Flippers.

Flippers is a progressive house and techno project of Aviv Shriki from Haifa, Israel which found support from leading DJs Dave Seaman, Jerome Isma-Ae, Markus Schulz, Spektre, Ticon, Omid 16B, Kasey Taylor, Lemon 8 and Alex Kenji.

German Schlager group info:
The group was formed in 1964 in Knittlingen, Baden-Württemberg consisting of Manfred Durban, Claus Backhaus, Franz Halmich, Manfred Mössner, Manfred Hehl and Hans Springer. They called themselves the "Dancing Band," and one year later renamed themselves the "Dancing Show Band." Hans Springer was soon replaced by Bernd stallion. In 1967 Olaf Malolepski replaced Manfred Hehl.

In 196...

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