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GODHATE, formerly known as Throneaeon, have managed to keep the flame of death metal burning for more than a decade. Formed in 1991, the band held the world waiting until 1995 when the first demo was unleashed upon mankind. And from this first mark of existence they have managed to impress the death metal world with every new (two studio albums, two MCD's, various demos...) release, for the unholy years bear the stamp of high quality. The band has lost many members and gained many new ones, but their grasp on death metal has never lost an inch of it's omnient brutality and originality.

Godhate's branch of christhating, unholy death metal is all that is old school and brutal, without losing musical integrity, skills and filthy ...

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Kreon (DE)

Polish metal band from Wrocław. Originally played heavy metal under the name Test Fobii (1984-1986) and then Test Fobii Kreon (1986-1987). In 1987 they finally became Kreon, playing thrash metal and remaining active until 1991. 2002 saw a brief reunion which ended with the re-recording of their debut and only studio album to date. The band has been active since 2011. Discography:
1988 - Thrash Demo Live! (demo)
1988 - Zdrada, prawo, kara... i co jeszcze czeka nas... (demo)
1989 - Zdrada. Prawo. Kara... i co jeszcze czeka nas?
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