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Tribute to the King

Jenny Silver

Jenny Maria Öhlund-Silver (born January 22, 1974) is a Swedish singer from Ängelholm, Sweden.

Jenny Silver started her career in the dance band Candela which was signed to Bert Karlssons label Mariann Grammofon from 1991 to 1997. Candela made it big in 1994 with a string of hit songs that also reached the Svensktoppen-list. Silver (then Öhlund) was named the queen of danceband and was also by media named as the next Lotta Engberg.
Silver has also sung in the rock band Holden which was signed to Dead Frog records and she has also been in collaborations with Totta Näslund. Released her solo album Lyckling in 1997 at Andersson Records, she has toured as duet partner with actor Thorsten Flinck and she also landed the leading ...

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