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Respaces #2 Västerås

Lisa Ullén

A native of Seoul, Korea, Lisa Ullén grew up in the northern part of Sweden, and is based in Stockholm.
She is a graduate of the Royal Musical Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, where she studied classical piano in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Since the late 1990s, she has devoted herself entirely to improvised music, in the form of free jazz as well as avant garde and contemporary classical and experimental music.

A versatile player with a singular musical vision, Ullén has repeatedly proven her ability to imprint her absolute sense for tonal texture on whatever musical context she appears in. She leads her own free form quartet, as well as post-bop power house trio Jello, and has a long standing collaboration with double...

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Charlotte Hug (CH)

Charlotte Hug (born 1965 in Zürich, Switzerland) is a Swiss musician, composer, media artist and visual artist.

She completed her studies in fine arts and music and received various distinctions and commissions. She worked as "artist in residence" in London, Paris, Cork capital of culture in 2005 and Berlin and was awarded the city of Zürich prize for composition in 2006. In 2011 Hug is "artiste étoile" at the Lucerne Festival.

She is known for her solo performances in distinctive locations such as the ice tunnels of the Rhône glacier, the half demolished bunker in Berlin Humboldthain, the House of Detention, a 250 year old former prison in Farringdon in London, the hot healing sulphur springs beneath the former lux...

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Magnus Granberg

Joel Grip