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Tyrolens Rhythm och Bluesfest

Royal Southern Brotherhood (US)

Royal Southern Brotherhood is an American blues and blues rock 'supergroup', that brought together singer and percussionist Cyril Neville (the youngest of the Neville Brothers), vocalist and guitarist Devon Allman (son of Greg Allman), vocalist and guitarist Mike Zito, drummer Yonrico Scott (longtime member of the Derek Trucks Band), and bassist Charlie Wooton. The band released their debut album on May 8, 2012.

Before they even hit a chord, The Royal Southern Brotherhood grabbed attention. In the US South, where music is religion, two rock ‘n’ roll bloodlines tower above all others. In the saloon bars from Mississippi to Maryland, mere mention of the Allman and Neville Brothers casts a magic spell. Conversation falls silent. ...

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The Electrophonics (NL)

The swingtrain is ragin' on, and rolling steady from station to station, and how…
With their confidence and their large devotion to blues music, these men already performed on many big & small stages. The reviews are laudative, and with reason: The Electrophonics is one of the finest retro-swing-jump-r&b band, sounding like that early fifties style.

Their cd “Feels Like A Million” released in januari 2006 - containing only self written songs - is received very positively by press and a large group of fans. Their next live album “Catch That Swingtrain” released in November 2007 (recorded during the Moulin Blues festival) and their second & third studio albums "Little A Lot" (June 2009) & ¨Talkin´About!¨ (October 2012) also...

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Honeyboy Slim and The Bad Habits

T-Bear & The Dukes of Rhythm

Although the world is constantly changing, some things remain. Like Hamlet, hot dogs, the Himalayas. And blues music. The blues was born in the delta and got electrified further up north. Then it was spread around the world. In Arvika, Sweden, the blues is fresh and vigorous, thanks to T-Bear & The Dukes of Rhythm.

Here, in the deep woods of western Sweden, close to the norwegian border, the storytelling tradition is very much alive. The blue notes come naturally. Some might say the blues is just pure nostalgia. In Arvika, we don't. The blues is about the past, the present and the future. Just as important and challenging as it once was in the backstreets of Chicago.

T-Bear & The Dukes of Rhythm have been the blues ...

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Hurley & The Blue Dots