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The Rabbits

There are at least two bands with this name:

1) The Rabbits are Matthew Orzeszek and guests. Matthew has released three albums (squirrel brain, squeeze one out & that cave of love part 1) on WM Recordings in the last year. He was born in Kielce, Poland and now lives in Toronto, Canada.

A few of the songs here are by another group called The Rabbits - formed in 1978 originally on Stortbeat, they are currently experimenting with music of no meaning.

2) Pure garage rockers. This is the first band from the country side that managed to record a single for a major label. Originally from Rhodes, they released "Run Around of a Girl"/"I'm Looking in the Universe" in 1967; a truly primitive garage single. ...

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Årabrot (NO)

Arabrot is a Norwegian Grammy-winning noise rock band formed in Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway in 2001. Their latest releases is 2014's mini-album "I Modi" and 2015's "You Bunch of Idiots".

Arabrot first received widespread recognition with the Steve Albini produced third album, The Brother Seed (2009). Following this album, Arabrot went into a creative blaze the succeeding years. For instance, they did live scores at silent film showings (“Faust” from 1926 in Trondheim, “Häxan” from 1922 at Øyafestivalen, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” from 1920 and “Die Nibelungen” from 1924 at Verdensteatret in Tromsø) and did commissioned work for the highly regarded Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. In the middle of all this, Arabrot produced the exp...

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Pucy Mary