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Godless Men

Gothenburg based, sweatdripping, merciless, post-bluesrock quartet.
Second EP is to be released in february 2014.

Godless Men is a hardworking bluesrock band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Although the band is relatively new, the members all have a long history of magicmaking and musicianship. This is a collaboration of Alexander Asp (ex Our Notion), Palle Karlsson (ex Our Notion), Jimmy Johansson (ex Rosemary, Owls of Overdose) and Mathias Smedberg (ex Rosemary, Owls of Overdose).

Influences and roots run deep, and there usually is no telling what might be released, rehearsed or even thought of.

On the 17th of April 2013, Godless men released their debut CD. A self-titled EP containing five song. ...

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