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Kaross is stonerrock band from Borås in Sweden.
They have released 2 demos (I: contained 6 tracks, II: 4 tracks in 2001/2005)
In 2005 they won the locally famous contest "Partille-Rocken" or just "Procken" and a short while after that they got signed.
They've also headlined the Åsa Summer Rock Festival in 2006.
Right now they are producing their first full-length album which is to be releaed in the late of 2006 or in the beginning of 2007. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Fading Friend

Beyond Sanity

This is our story so far... I started this band with another guitarist when i was about 18 years old... I started it with him, because i thougt he would play the guitar very well, because he was already playing it for about 10 years...

When i found out what his skills were i doubted that :-P...

I was still trying to find other musicians that had the same dreams and interests in music, and of course people that knew how to play their instruments...

When i was still with this guitarist i started out with, we went to an After Forever concert and one girl who was from my hometown could REALLY sing and i totally wanted her in my band... My ex-girlfriend actually came up with the idea, because we were actually ...

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Several artists share this moniker:

1) A project from the Don and Roel Funcken, also known as Funckarma, from Holland. They make atmospheric electronica with crunchy hip-hop beats. Releases can be found on like-minded labels Merck, U-Cover and n5md.

2) Quench are the producer Sean Quinn and CJ Dolan’s best known and most commercially successful moniker. His ’94 dance anthem “Dreams” redefined trance and cemented Quench’s place in world dance music history. licensed all over the world it sold a million copies, went Top 10 on the mainstream charts in France, hit #2 on the UK dance charts and top 20 in the mainstream chart. There have been many remixes over the years from Carl Cox to Tony DeVitt, the most recent in 2...

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