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Two Witches (FI)

Two Witches (originally called Noidat) is a Gothic rock band from Finland, formed in 1987 by Anne Nurmi & Jyrki Witch. In 1988 the band started to write songs and sing in English and changed their name from Noidat to Two Witches. The band's first release, 7" single Pimeyden Jousi came out in October from their own label called Darklands Records. After many different line-up's, Anne & Jyrki finally found Nauku & Toby. In 1992 their debut CD Agony of the Undead Vampire Part 2 came out via
Darklands. In October Anne, Jyrki, Nauku and Toby went to Germany for the "Undead Vampire" tour and they signed a recording deal with a German label called Talitha Records, a division on Music Research GMBH. In 1993 the first German release, The Vamp...

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