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Iced Earth (US)

Iced Earth is an American power metal band that combine heavy metal and speed metal/thrash metal genres in their music. The band was formed by Jon Schaffer, the lead songwriter and rhythm guitarist, in Tampa, Florida in 1984. The original name of the band was Purgatory but was then changed to Iced Earth.

Iced Earth’s music is often described as the style of Iron Maiden combined with 80’s thrash metal. The most distinctive element of the band’s sound is the stuttering right-hand gallop of rhythm guitarist Jon Schaffer, which sounds something like the ‘eighth-note, two-sixteenth-notes’ gallop made famous by Iron Maiden’s bass player/songwriter Steve Harris (in such songs as “Run to the Hills”, “The Trooper”, and “Caught Somewher...

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Warbringer (US)

There are three artists by this name.

1) Warbringer is an American thrash metal band from Ventura, California formed in 2004. Current members consist of John Kevill as vocals, John Laux and Andrew Bennett on guitar, Andy Laux on bass, and Carlos Cruz behind the drums. They have released five full length studio albums, the latest being "Woe to the Vanquished" in 2017. Along with their animated live performances and lyrics detailing war, violence, and death, Warbringer's aggressive sound is reminiscent of 80's era thrash metal and thus the band is commonly associated with the "thrash revival".

From Their Myspace:

"With the release of 2008's War Without End, WARBRINGER established themselves as one the mo...

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Elm Street (AU)

Forming in 2003 and circling the live scene in Victoria, Australia since 2004 Elm Street have taken the metal scene by storm with their unique style of traditional heavy metal. With a style that is heavily influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and Savatage, Elm Street have claimed their spot in the vastly growing new wave of traditional heavy metal.

Their live show has been deemed "In your face, energetic and taking you back to the 80's" which proves the potential of such a young band. With members averaging the age of 21 years of age Elm Street has completed shows with Australia's biggest metal/rock bands such as Vanishing Point, Electric Mary, Behind Crimson Eyes, In Malice’s Wake and legends The Ang...

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