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Obliq are:

Anders Lagerfors - Vocals, guitar
John Ericson - Drums, percussion, laptop, drum-loops
Jonatan Thomasson - Bass, synth, backing vocals
David Orebäck - Guitar, keyboards, Backing vocals

~ Obliq exist since the spring of 2005.
After writing songs with sensational sound and lyrics, the band found the guts to release two Singles in 2006:

1. Title: No Doves Fly Here
Tracks: 01. No Doves Fly Here | 02. Drowsy eyes
Length: 07:57 min

2. Title: At the end of a candle
Tracks: 01. At the end of a candle | 02. The Whipping-Boy
Length: 07:39

Early in 2007 Obliq felt like creating a full length album.
Their inspiration became c...

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